King of Pentacles: Mr Practical

The King of Pentacles is a man who demonstrates how resources are gained and used. He is a thoroughly material and practical man. He is as you see him, with few hidden sides. I say, he is a man with “hidden shallowness’s”! He is also the businessman and/or DIT handyman of the deck.

But he always sticks to what he is doing, and is in anything for the long-term. He may not be fiery passionate as the King of Wands, or dreamily creative and romantic like the King of Cups, or even as sharp and witty as the King of Swords – but he is always there.

Keywords we can associate with this card are: common-sense, apparent, reliable, accomplished, solid, steady, calmness, wealth, supportive …

The Court cards are easier to read than you may first think, if you read some books that say they are “difficult” in some way. Think of them as energies or influencers. They bring their quality to the situation, or cards around them.

So if this King of Pentacles appears in an “blocks/obstacles” position of a spread, it would simply be that your common-sense, your rigidity, your sticking to the book, are getting in the way – you need to be like one of the other Kings instead! In fact, it is likely one of them will have appeared elsewhere in your reading to show you which one! If not, it probably doesn’t matter, as long as you stop being a Mr (or Mrs) Practical!

Tarot Insiders Tip: If you want a short-hand way of remembering the four Kings, associate these words with the first letter of their Suit:

Pentacles – Mr. Practical

Cups – Mr. Creative

Swords – Mr. Sharp

Wands – Mr. Wonderful

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