Queen of Pentacles: Home Comforts

This Queen is a little like the Empress of the Major Arcana. She is homely, comforting, nurturing, supporting. She looks after us, rather than the Queen of Wands who will tell us to learn to look after ourselves!

So the Queen represents a practical woman, someone who is constantly creative. She can be very helpful, and is likely to volunteer for baby-sitting, taxi duties and cooking extra food.

In a tarot card reading, this card has the meaning of domesticity first, practicality, and keeping oneself grounded. It is not a time for thinking it through (Queen of Swords), ambitious steps (Queen of Wands) or wild surprises (Queen of Cups). Stay put, stay focused, and have patience.

Insider Tip: See the Rabbit on the Waite-Smith Tarot card of the Queen of Pentacles? This means generative energy, and may also be an insider reference by Pamela Colman Smith to a relative on her mother’s side, Joel Chandler Harris (1848 – 1908), who wrote the Br’er Rabbit (‘Brother Rabbit’) tales. He had passed away the year before that Pamela painted this deck.

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