Page of Wands: Swagger Like Jagger

What wisdom does the Page of Wands throw light upon? He shows us that we should keep enthusiastic and be confident that the news that we are awaiting upon will be positive. You must maintain at all times a dignified stance, stand tall and do not show your fear. The Page of Wands is the card of swagger and confidence. Present yourself to the world as if it is a stage; ‘swagger like Jagger’ if you must.

Attract: Be attracted to confident people today, listen to how they communicate, and emulate their positivity. Draw attention to yourself, do not allow yourself to melt into the background. Be receptive to good news and it will be delivered so.

Distract: Do not be seduced and drawn in by the doom dealers with their stories of failure and negativity. They thrive on failure their own, and that of anyone else – stay well away!

Lesson: Expect good news rather than bad as you may be pleasantly surprised.

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