A Quilt of Time

Whilst there are several cards in the Tarot that are not welcome when you see them, they all have secrets if you know where to look. In the 9 of Swords, the card of grief and sorrow, there really seems to be no point in even looking for a way out, does there? The Swords are overhanging, they are even bigger than you can see, and in fact, the figure in the card cannot even look at their life ahead of them.

Quilt on 9 of Swords

Quilt on 9 of Swords

However, a closer look shows something magical. The quilt or blanket that protects them, comforts them, is embroidered with secret symbols. These are the symbols of the Rose and the planets, and the zodiac. They suggest to us that with time, even this painful problem will pass. We will grow from it a stronger person, and whilst we cannot bear it now, time will heal our sorrow.

In fact, whilst it may be the most painful thing to do, we could even see those swords, those old wounds of our past, providing a ladder and a way up to a new life beyond this unpleasant time.

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