King of Wands: Command & Conquer

As some people find the Court Cards more tricky to read – are they a person, and energy, a situation, a part of oneself, etc? – here is an example from the award-winning Tarot book, Around the Tarot in 78 Days (pub. Llewellyn, 2013) of how this card applies in the most common questions:

Careerwise & Financially this card indicates motivation and vitality. The King of Wands knows exactly what to do and how to do it. It may also signify delegation to others to fulfil your vision. The King of Wands is authentic and true so indicates in a financial reading that the situation is as it is presented.

Healthwise this card indicates that you must take command of your own situation and state things firmly from your own point of view. You have achieved the right position from which to speak and must do so. It may also indicate that you must follow your burning passion to improve your health.

In Relationships this card indicates fiery passion and burning desire. It brings warmth and charm into any relationship and if you can sustain the enthusiasm brings its own rewards. The card shows how a relationship may create its own vision and then manifest that vision in every way. As an outcome card the King of Wands shows a relationship will be all-consuming.

In travel & lifestyle this card indicates enterprise and vision. You must be bold enough to make dramatic steps forward in accomplishing your goals. The fire aspect of this card is your enthusiasm which will be rewarded when it is applied. This card says simply “Go”!

In education this card indicates counselling and discussion. The King of Wands is the ideal mentor and coach – someone who inspires you and draws out inspiration from you. With this card is the advice to seek search advice from someone in whom you have complete confidence.

In spiritual awareness & self-development this card is the burning core of our values and vision. It reminds is that we must manifest and be true to our vision else we are consumed by it. No matter how idealistic or unrealistic our vision may appear to be it is to be lived.

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