Ace of Swords: Claim Your Power!

The Ace of Swords is the most striking and singular card of the Tarot deck. It is brash, in your face, unabashed, Miley-Cyrus-Twerking shock and awe. Its appearance in a tarot card reading is sure to bring movement and power. It signifies that you must make a decision, or a decision will be made for you.

If you were performing a Career reading with the following positions, (from a spread by Carrie Paris) here is how you would read the Ace of Swords:

1. Your Inner Coach.

2. Your Inner Trainer

3. Your Motivational Guru

4. Your Career Counsellor.

5.Your Best Friend’s Advice

6. Your true Inner Path

The Ace of Swords would say in each of these positions:

1.   I am your Inner Coach and I see your talents and skills:  I recognize focus and will-power in you at this time. You must strike swiftly and not hold back, tackle the immediate task and forget the long-term plan, go for sudden and quick not considered and planned! Grasp the Sword of Power, take what is yours, risk all for nothing and the Kingdom will be yours!

2.   I am your Inner Trainer and I symbolize what you can expect if you pursue courses and education that nurture your talent and skills.  I see the start of great intelligence and learning, a small beginning that will lead to great things – see the Crown atop my Sword? Start firmly and keep focus, go for the knowledge and not the reward, and reward will inevitably follow.

3.  I am your Motivational Guru! What or who motivates your career choice can be located at the tip of my Sword! See the garlands of victory, the crown of kingship? These are yours for the taking! You are motivated now by gaining power and position – this may be a good thing to get you going, but have you considered all the costs? My sword can cut two ways!

4.   I am your Career Counsellor. I represent the challenges or obstacles that might keep you from fully stepping into your career. Are you truly ready to start on the path of responsibility? Are you determined enough to hold the sword that may be given to you? Are you holding back your views and not dealing straight? I counsel forthright speech and immediate action – an end to planning and considered moves!

5.  I am your Best Friend’s Advice and I know you well. A personal change or action you can take that would help interest perspective employers in your skills is to simply be more dynamic. Act like you know, walk the talk, fake it until you make it, but grasp that sword and hold it high! Make sure everyone can see what you’ve got – it’s really time for you to be strutting your stuff!

6.  I am your true Inner Path and I see the Big Picture. A direction you can take to fully claim your career choice as your own is by acknowledging your responsibilities. What do you owe to whom? How do you allocate your time? Are you playing fair’s fair? You must take time to consider what you are losing as well as what you are gaining – a good king is as wise as Solomon, and knows the power of balanced action.

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