6 of Pentacles: Get Your Work/Life Balance

The 6 of Pentacles, is a card of redistribution of wealth. This is the tarot card that holds the meaning of charity. It is about balancing out inequality and unfairness.

This is the ‘Robin Hood’ of the tarot cards, in that it is about righting wrongs, through the action of giving.

It is important to point out this is not only about giving money, it could be a person giving up their time to another person, spending valuable time with somebody they love who has been neglected of late. As it says in the keywords of my free guide “this is a card of charity and the work/life balance”.

Insider Tarot Tip: In Kabbalah, the Jewish system of mysticism to which the Tarot can be associated, the number 6 represents “Tiphareth”, which means ‘beauty’. It is the name of the centre of the “Tree of Life”, so is the point of harmony and balance. This card shows this perfect point (6) in relation to the world of money (pentacles). Isn’t that clever?!

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