5 of Pentacles: Deferred Income

The 5 of Pentacles is one of the lesson learning cards which can help you to perfect your skills. This card warns against not planning ahead with regards to finances. This is the card of being ‘down on your luck’.

In an emotional situation, you may “left out in the cold” with regard to one person or a group. This is a material situation with emotional consequences.

It recommends the sense of having a long-term plan, and keeping an eye on your financial comings and goings until things improve. Keep going through tough times.

Tarot Insider Tip: A. E. Waite calls the characters on this card “mendicants”. This was a religious order that entered into poverty voluntarily to reach god. Perhaps in some way the person receiving this card in a reading has chosen in some way to defer their income, like investing in a course of education, with long-term goals.

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