7 of Pentacles: Harvest Your Wealth

It could be said about this card that is a link card to the 4 of Cups, the card of ‘Choice’, here with 7 of Pentacles we have our young man who has worked hard to build up security, he has done this by using the natural resources around him, that are at hand.

Again as in with the 4 of Cups the young man is contemplating something that is before him, he is working out what to do next. Waite says in his Pictorial Key to the Tarot that before him “his treasures and that his heart (cups) was there’.

This is again linked to the 4 of Cups, this is where his heart felt choices have led him to. The actions of our past reverberate into the future, this card is saying to “think before you act, and plan carefully, for it is your future that depends upon it – the jackpot could be yours, if you are wise”.

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