Ace of Pentacles: Seed of New Beginning

The Ace cards are the seeds of new beginnings; in fact, there is a great word for this; “nascent”. It means pre-born, just before, like the “darkest hour is before the dawn”. In the case of the Ace of Pentacles, the card is like the seed in the deep earth, just before any shoot is visible. We do not know, looking at the surface, if anything is alive or will grow, or whether everything is OK and going to plan. We cannot dig to look, because we might kill the plant before it has chance to develop and sprout up and out.

So the Ace of Pentacles is a promising card – but that is all, a promise. If we keep our work going, keep the ground nourished, all will be well, in time. In a reading this tarot card has the meaning of seed, new beginnings, promise of return, resources ready to appear.

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