2 of Pentacles: Making Ends Meet

This juggling card can be seen as making ends meet in a very dynamic time! It is a card that tells us we must organize everything – nothing must be left to chance. If the Wheel also appears in a reading with the 2 of Pentacles, things may be feeling very much out of control.

Insider Tip: It can also signify someone not taking something seriously, which will cause them a problem. This card says, “it is not a game”.

The cards of the “2’s” are all ‘early’ cards in the tarot Minor cards, 1 (Ace) – 10. So if this card appears about a new project or relationship, it is already off to an unsteady start, but it is also “early days” so a course correction may be possible.

Advanced Insider Tip: The cards in Tarot have astrological correspondences. At the beginner level, I don’t cover these, but here we can mention one, so you can see how useful they are. This card is the 2 of Pentacles and corresponds to “Jupiter in Capricorn”. Now, just using simple keywords for the astrological qualities, this is “expansion” (Jupiter) in “earthiness” (Capricorn, the goat). Have a look at the card again, thinking “expansion in earthiness” or “growth in grounding”. That is the secret lesson of this card – it is a situation that is teaching you to develop your ability to be stable in tricky, or even difficult, circumstances. This is the secret teaching of the 2 of Pentacles, and life itself, symbolized by the infinity symbol in which the 2 pentacles are juggled.

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