The World: Get Your Act Together

The World card, this is the card of beginnings and endings, it is how we come in and it is how we leave. The Polarities, life and death, light and dark, summer, winter, autumn, spring all is interconnected. The prancing female figure holding a wand in each hand is naked apart from a long narrow strip which swathes across her body protecting her modesty. This could almost be the same cloth that is the swaddling cloth that is wrapped around a new born baby (or shroud of death).

The wreath that surrounds her is protective, as is the womb from which we are all born. At the top and bottom of the wreath is a tie, to mark as above so below, it is all fixed. The four fixed signs of the Zodiac are in each corner the man’s head in the top left corner – Aquarius (Air sign), top right the Eagle – (water sign), Scorpio, below right – the Lion (fire sign) Leo, bottom left – Bull (earth sign) Taurus. They act as stabilizers of the world – guardians. They each represent one of the four seasons and order.

If the World is prominent in a reading, it is a grounding influence, it speaks of protection on every level. It reassures that we are part of the bigger picture. It says just keep on going, and keep on doing, there is no right or wrong way of doing something, only what you are destined to do.

The card also means to bring everything together, synthesis, gathering everything on the table, calling everyone together.

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