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Here’s a cool method I learnt for totally intuitive tarot. It is very easy and all you have to do is take a deep breath!

Tarot Talking [Beginner/3 Cards]

  • Shuffle your deck thinking of a situation you want to explore.
  • Take THREE cards out of your deck and lay them face up.
  • Quickly, and without stopping for a breath, start to make up a story about what you see, reading from RIGHT to LEFT.
  • Do it by using words like AND … SO … BECAUSE to avoid ending your sentence … just keep talking out loud.
  • Keep just saying what you see – nothing more. Just play as if you have to keep talking, even if you repeat yourself.
  • See what happens, you might just surprise yourself with a new insight that just comes out from somewhere unknown!

Here’s an example I did recently about a new project that was worrying me:

5 of Pentacles/4 of Swords/10 of Cups

So … I see first of all two people walking in the snow AND they look very cold SO I figure they are out in the cold AND they seem very poor BUT in the next card I see a three swords above a knight in armour who is resting AND there is a Sword below him, BECAUSE it is like a tomb or something, MAYBE a church AND I think he is on the inside of the window that the other people are on the outside of AND it will be OK BECAUSE in the final card I see a happy family and there is a rainbow of Cups AND they have deserved their happiness.

That last bit just popped out of my mouth, but makes absolute sense to my reading. There’s nothing in the picture that says “deserved” but that comes to me out of the blue.

You’ll see that I didn’t do anything other than describe what I was seeing in those cards, allowing my attention to move around as it wanted. I was concentrating on just speaking and describing things – now I see that I compared the two stained glass windows in the first two cards, without noticing it.

This intuitive way of reading tarot can be a good practice method and is a secret of experienced readers, who are able to do it automatically from their learning and lots of practice.

Let me know what happens when you do a three-card intuitive reading!



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