9 of Wands: Forewarned is Forearmed

What a wary little watcher you are at the moment, on tenterhooks, awaiting for something dreadful to happen, which will most likely not! This sums up the 9 of Wands a bit of a hot head who has a tendency to over-dramatize. There is so much defensive energy here that it could get out of control, if you do not reign it in.

The issue could be that you have spent time creating and building that it has made you a little over protective. If this card comes up in a reading it cautions you to bring a reality check to the situation, quell your fire like Wand nature. Hey, why not even take a break, and it may look so much better in the morning.

The Rider-Waite card shows a rather worried looking young man with a bandage around his head, stood behind him are eight more wands that act as a barrier.

On a more positive note he is not always wrong, and his hunches could be right, as they say, better to be ‘forewarned is forearmed’ as the literal saying goes ‘arm in advance’. This card in a reading could be warning you to put your guard up and be ready for attack.

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