The Star: Find Your Way in Darkness

The Star card is the second most favourite card of Tarot readers, second only to her distant cousin, the High Priestess. Perhaps this is because she is the star of hope, of vision, of navigating in the dark – all qualities that a tarot reading gives us. The High Priestess and the Star are the cheer-leaders of Tarot!

So the Star card is about hope, vision, and a guiding light towards something in the future. Actually, a secret is that her Star is found in another card – the Hermit, in his lamp. The Hermit is someone who is living their vision, as an inspiration to others. They have taken their Star – their desired lifestyle, and are actually living it, for themselves. This is true inspiration – to our own path, and not the path of someone else. We should not make our life a poor imitation of someone else’s ambition; our life should be drawn from the starry waters of inspiration.

The Star pours her inspiration onto both the ground and into the pool. She nourishes both what is fixed in our life – our circumstances – and what is changeable – our reflection on those circumstances. She says, “follow the water to the source, and the light to the star”; I bring hope, especially at the darkest times of night.

SECRET INSIDERS TIP: When this card appears, in a larger spread, it is important to consider the cards closest to it, they receive the light of the Star and show us what beacons can be used to navigate towards our true life. The cards closest to the Star are “what signs should we look for when making decisions?”

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