The Blasted Tower: Pride Cometh Before a Fall

The Blasted Tower of the Major Arcana is known as the card of ‘sudden shock’. This is the card that heralds drastic changes or major changes in somebody’s life. This card appearing in a reading, say in regards to a relationship question, can indicate the’ end of a relationship’ or with regards to work, it can mean ‘losing your job’.

The best thing about the Blasted Tower is it clears the ground for new horizons, even if that sounds trite advice when it is happening to oneself or a loved one. The card also suggests “pride before a fall”. It can warn us of being too ambitious, without building a firm foundation first.

In the Celtic Cross in the past position, it would imply of course it had already happened. If it is in the future position, it would be influenced by the position of the outcome card, say if the outcome card comes up as 10 of Cups, the person can heave a sigh of relief, all will turn out well in the end. As they say in old cartoon fashion, where Blasted Tower moments ruled the screen, in the words of that perky Porky Pig ‘That’s all folks’.

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