The Hierophant: He Who Reveals

The secret of the Hierophant is hidden in his strange name. He is not like a “pope” but he is a “hierophant”. This is the old Greek for someone who reveals something mysterious. It could, in modern day language, be like a professional who has good advice for you, or someone sharing a secret. It is always a card meaning “good advice”, seeking it or suggesting you give it to someone.

It is another secret that this card is the least favourite of tarot card readers themselves! If you have checked out the other card meanings on my site here, you’ll know their favourite card also!

It is perhaps because this card shows rules, structure, regulation – even “the church” in a sense of formal religion. It is also a card that shows a man in charge of one’s beliefs and behavior.

So when you see this card, wonder what lesson it is revealing – and look at the other cards in your spread to see what lesson is being delivered by the hierophant.

In everyday reading, this card also stands for professional advice, or seeking authority. It shows you are at a stage where you cannot resolve the situation or gain advancement on your own.

What is the best professional advice that you have ever received, from someone who knew what they were talking about, and advised you in a way you could act upon?

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