The Emperor: Claim Your Power

Above all, the Emperor endures. He is the first thrust of power in any situation, literally em-powering it. He may sometimes appear to be a flash-in-the-pan sort of energy, but he will also try and maintain his rule and control of a situation in the long-term.

The Emperor has the meaning of “power” in any tarot card reading. It signifies the need to establish boundaries, clear rules, discipline, and exercise your own power. Do not be afraid of laying down the law!

Insiders Tarot Tip: In the Zodiacal sequence of the Major cards, the Emperor is the first, he is Aries, the Ram (see the Ram symbols on the card in the Waite-Smith Tarot). So he is the Aries Energy of the Spring Equinox, all bursting and blooming, coming to life and being loud and proud about it! So if a person is asking about the timing of an event, this card shows “Spring Time”.

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