2 of Wands: Get the Full Picture

The 2 of Wands tarot card meaning is that of planning, patience, ambition and waiting on an opportunity. It suggests that we bide our time, and make the most of a situation by planning for later action.

In a relationship question, this card suggests that you have a bigger vision of your relationship than your partner, and it is perhaps best to share your long-term ideas with them. If it appears in the position of “the other person”, then it is they who have bigger dreams than you presently know.

Insiders Tarot Tip: As the card shows a “globe” of the whole earth, in a career question, this card suggests that you do not act until you have a fully “global” picture of the situation. There may be bigger forces at work than you presently realize; hidden ambitions, secret agendas, and puppet-masters. Get the full picture.

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