King of Cups: Mr. Creativity

With his toe half-dipped in the deep waters, but wearing armour, the King of Cups is the creative man, the poet, the man who dreams deeply. He can be wishy-washy in the negative, but is always in the flow of things, even if he can be frustratingly laid-back at times.

In a reading he represents creativity and compassion, going by your instinct and dreams.

Insider Tip: When looking at Tarot cards, consider them not just as static pictures, but as a frame in a movie. What happens after the King of Cups dips his armor in the salt-water of the sea? After a while, it will get rusty and corrode, unless it is cared for. In a reading these “moving images” of the cards can bring deep insight and advice – here I would say to the person, “you must care for your dreams, otherwise you will lose the ability to create them (rusty) and become bitter (corrosive)”.

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