9 of Cups: Feeling Full of Yourself

This is known as the card of ‘satiation’ that a stage of fullness has been accomplished. This could be the stage in a creation when you have completed the task and it has turned out well. You are pleased with your efforts. It could also imply overindulgence, in the best possible way of course, this is not the overindulgence of the Devil, but the reward given after working hard. This is the carrot after the stick!

If this is in relation to a work based question, it could be that you are in line for a bonus after all the hard work you have put in recently. This is a card of a good future, especially if it turns up in the ‘outcome position,’ if so I think a bit of something ‘sparkling’ of either the liquid variety or of the jewel kind or both is needed! If the card preceding the ‘outcome’ that of your ‘hopes and fears’ is the ‘two of cups’, it could suggest an engagement could be on the horizon.

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