King of Swords: Mr. Sharp

The King of Swords in his most extreme is Mr. Spock from Star Trek. He is logical, cool, cold, calculating and ruthless in thinking it through. There is nothing that escapes his observation, and he has a scientific mentality – and an approach to resolve everything.

More generally speaking, the King of Swords shows “thought” and “decision-making” in a reading. When he appears he counsels us to consider our actions like a chess game, a strategy, a process of planning. We must look at the consequences, and think ahead.

Insiders Tip: If in a reading with the Ace of Swords prominent, then we are being given a clear message to THINK BUT ACT – and QUICKLY. If you have the Knight or Page of Swords also present, either you haven’t shuffled a new deck properly (!) or you are being shouted at to think quick and act quicker.

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