Knight of Swords: Swashbuckler!

The Knight of Swords is intent on sorting out the world’s problem, or just about anybody’s he comes into contact with. He loves to right a wrong, and meter out justice, if he feels that it is just. He is wise, incisive, dignified and can always help you to make a decision, the only down side is he can be a bit of a risk taker, and it is hard to get him to keep still.

The Swords suit is action, movement, he is the swashbuckler/ action movie star of old and if he appears in your reading, it indicates a whole new surge of energy moving your way. You will not find yourself stuck for words, no hanging back and not knowing how to verbally cut down that person that has just attacked you (especially in the what is blocking/crossing you position).

However, when you have the Knight of Swords energy running through your veins it can get you in trouble with saying the wrong thing. This Knight tends to do things to the extreme, he know no in-between.

If he appears in the now position of your spread, and it is a question regarding getting a project going, well he is going give you the initial surge that is going to get you going, but the question is can you keep his pace?

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