10 of Swords: Loss of Faith

This card shows that your thoughts, plans and ideas have come to a grinding halt. The Swords are buried, in the most dramatic way. Your plans about the situation have come to an end, the only way from here is a CTR+ALT+DEL reset of your scheme.

Insiders Tarot Tip: A loss of faith, there is a secret to tell in the 10 of Swords. If you look closely at the victim’s hand you will see it is in the same position as the Hierophant. The cards are linked – but how? When you are doing a reading and this card appears this secret insight into the card reading shows a “loss of faith”. The Hierophant tarot card means “faith”, trusting someone to advise you, for your own best interests. The 10 of Swords shows that this faith has been abused.

So when other people are sticking the knife in, kicking you when you are down or having a gossip, this is the card that brings this to your attention. Watch your back!

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