9 of Pentacles: The Kept Lady

The 9 of Pentacles, is sometimes known as the ’Card of the Kept Lady’, it is if she is somehow protected from the toils of the outside world, this offers her protection. It could also imply the more obvious reason that she has a rich partner.

In the Rider-Waite card, she has a very serene look upon her face, and she is totally at ease with the bird of prey that she holds up very close to her face. This is a very self-assured lady of independent means. She wears a gown of generous material and against a backdrop of grapevines, she leans her right hand on a bush which contains 5 Pentacles, to her left stands 3 Pentacles.

This would imply that all is not as it seems, the security that she has within her reach is not quite equal, and therefore perhaps all is not as ‘Rosy’ as it would appear in this garden of Pentacles.

This said, this is still a card of material plenty. This cards appearance would indicate material wealth, but with possible strings attached.

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