Death: Transformation Not Shock

One of the significant “change” cards in the pack, this card signifies ‘transformation’. The change here is one which is inevitable from what is already in the situation and its history. There is nothing “new” or surprising, or shocking (that’s the Tower), and things aren’t going to change for the best or the worst (the Wheel), nor are you going back to old ways (the Moon). There is nothing ‘bigger’ in this picture of change (the High Priestess), there is only what will happen from what you have done. It is like life leading to death; a new phase of existence.

So when this card turns up in the future positions, it indicates that you should look closely at the past card meanings to see what will develop – you need look no further.

What do you think about the Death card? It is certainly one of three most commonly chosen of the 22 Major cards that expert tarot readers like to see in a deck before they purchase it. Can you guess what the other two are? One is the most favourite card of Tarot readers (which I’ve told you in its card meaning on this site), and the other is another Major card that shows what Tarot provides us in a reading.

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