The Hermit: Walk Your Talk

The Hermit is the card which traditionally means “loneliness” or being by oneself. It is a solitary card, and in a reading means “be yourself”, or in the position of “others” means “seek inspiration from another”. It is secretly connected to the Star card as both are about living your own life – here the Star is in the lantern of the Hermit. It means that when this card appears, we must walk the talk, recognize our position, and not still think we are distant from it, as in the Star. The Hermit is what happens when you reach the Star of your vision.

So the card means “self”, in all its senses. Not the ideal card in a relationship question, but it can indicate that you simply have to be yourself more than anything, to get the best out of the situation.

Also, the Hermit tells an interesting story. Who is he? He can be you or I. The Hermit could be the figure of sorrow in the 8 of Cups, we meet him again further along on his journey. He has rested for a while, and he gives himself space to think and just to be, this is a card of introspection, the act of looking within to examine your inner you.

He carries a lamp and within it brightly shines the STAR. This is the same star of the Major Arcana. If this card is prominent in a reading it is highlighting a need for finding purpose and meaning in life. This card also indicates withdrawal from a situation before we can move on and away from a difficulty.

Remember ALONE is not always a negative word. This card in relationship readings can indicate time out.

Secret Insiders Tip: In the powerful reading techniques that use Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical tradition associated with Tarot by occultists, the Hermit is seen as corresponding to the Hebrew letter of “Yod”. This means “hand”, like a clenched fist, and has the value of 10. This adds to the meaning of this tarot card because it is like seizing one’s life in one’s own hand, and taking control of the Wheel of fate and fortune (card 10). The magick of these correspondences is such that the Hebrew letter of the Wheel is “Kaph”, which means “palm of the hand”, i.e. the open hand. So the Hermit is taking full responsibility of one’s life, turning Fate (the Wheel, the open hand) into Destiny (the Hermit, the seizing hand).

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