The Chariot: Set the Pace

The card of the Tarot which means “momentum” or forward movement, the Chariot is definitely on the go. The word “tarot” may come from “triumphi”, the procession of chariots in Italy which carried “virtues”, and was also a card game. One virtue triumphed another in the game, up and down a scale. The modern equivalent is pokemon-type card trading games, or “Top Trumps”.

So the Chariot card is really the emblem of the whole tarot deck. It carries a triumphant charioteer, who reins in two opposites. Many tarot card readers see this card as meaning “triumph”, “acceleration of ambitions”, and similar concepts, so it is always good to see in a reading about future projects.

The warning of this card is to keep a “tight rein” on mutually opposite forces, and if you do – a lot of power and success will be generated.

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