The High Priestess: The Favourite

Here’s a secret! Did you know that this is the favourite card of most tarot card readers themselves? It is no surprise because the card shows the secret of intuition, the essential skill for tarot professionals. The High Priestess shows that we must be still and quiet to really connect to our intuition. Listening for that little voice, that deep feeling, requires patience. So when this card comes up in a reading, we must take time to ourselves – it is like the female Hermit card!So, if this card appears in your love reading, it may mean that the little voice you are hearing has something to say to you. Be patient. Be still. Listen to your deep inner wisdom. The High Priestess will guide you towards the true happiness of your soul which you deserve.

In what way are you a Priestess? Let me know below and share the mystery of this card!


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