The Fool: Absolute Freedom

The unnumbered card of the deck, like the Joker of a pack of ordinary playing cards, the Fool is someone who is totally free of all responsibilities. This is the card that gives you the “get out of jail free” message in a reading. When it turns up, you know that all bets are off – whatever seemed stuck, you can walk away from.

The Fool has a secret too, or rather – it is in his bag? Have you ever wondered what is in the Fool’s bag? Well, according to A. E. Waite, who designed these cards, it is all of the experiences and troubles that we carry in our soul. So, the Fool is actually the wisest of all in the Tarot; he has packaged up his worries and is free from them – a pure soul.

Meanings: Freedom, Taking a Risk, Leaping before you Look, Innocence, New Beginnings

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